Bluetooth heart rate with low prices, stronger Bluetooth connection extension. Wahoo is the United States a fitness accessories from brands, official website. Wahoo Fitness Blue Bluetooth heart rate HR is the launch of a belt, can support iPhone4S and iOS devices. Using low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology, used button cell batteries can get super long battery life, and the battery can be replaced. Main purpose is to collect the heart rate, related to the time spent in each heart rate zone as well as calorie consumption. The heart rate belt is characterized by application can support most iOS’s fitness, Wahoo officials also have their Wahoo Fitness App, of course.
The material soft and comfortable heart rate belt and waterproof and sweat. United States Amazon lightning specials now $ 39.99 at historical lows and shipments weighing less than a pound. Although the average heart rate at $ 30 or less is normal price, but the application can support more and more freedom in the choice, slightly higher prices is understandable.
From online reviews, the battery of the heart rate belt for a year should not be any problem, also have user feedback that the heart rate belt in cold cases until a few minutes before the data some exceptions. The supported applications are currently known: Endomondo, Strava, RunKeeper and MapMyRun, Cyclemeter, MapMyFitness,micoach, and so on.

New low price: Wahoo Fitness Blue Bluetooth heart rate HR zone (support iOS devices) $39.99

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