Nine West JIU-XI is women’s fashion footwear and apparel brands from New York, founded in 1977. In the United States have a higher awareness, is the world’s largest women’s shoe design, manufacture and sale of one. The JIU-XI fish mouth high heels high heel sandals are common in the summer style, heel adjustable HASP joints that can adjust based on elastic straps on the foot, and very comfortable. 2cm platform, balance high heel 9cm, girls totally can hold.
Shopping can work or usual wear. United States Amazon at present cikuan nude specials $ 27.6 size inventory is complete, is itself a recent offer, use shoe bags God code “JUNSAN14” post paid $ 20.7, by the transfer of about 210 Yuan. Domestic purchase the more than 900 Yuan, Hai Tao has a greater advantage.

Nine West JIU-XI $20.7 fish mouth high heels Sandals (requires code)

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