Recommended by many, this portable photo printer before returning to historical low price, this makes better picture better to save the small things people use is a good choice, with Chinese interface + voltage Adaptive. Editor saw an article reported, now in the hands of hard disk storage devices such as USB photo may even struggle to be maintained for 30 years, or even let their children grow up seeing again may be a luxury.

We can’t stop Flash memory chips store causes an error and cause the photograph to read long, but printed as a souvenir retained some precious memories. The large images from Canon Canon SELPHY CP910 portable photo printer, built-in wireless Wi-Fi network, even if there is no wireless network can also be easily made directly from a Smartphone or a camera to print photos, supports Apple Apple’s AirPrint wireless printing protocol, or generic PictBridge Protocol to support the Canon x Mark II their G1, EOS 70D models, good for general purposes and printing. While providing SD card/USB interface to choose from, 2.7-inch LCD screen to direct print and easy viewing operation directly. While compatible zhiqian of KP and new of RP series supplies, can for select of photo size, and style diverse, maximum support 6-8 inch photos print, supplies price more similar products more low, according to zhiqian user of reflect even long-term store also without worried supplies failure, while, Canon SELPHY series introduction thought proud of image optimization processing technology, print out of photos waterproof anti-fingerprint, color restore accurate, can inhibition excessive exposure, especially portrait print, can automatically amendment photos in the of portrait colour,

One more perfect.
United States Amazon currently price drop 15 dollars price 74.99 dollars, is history minimum, shipping weight about 1.8kg (beauty Asia callout of 21 pounds not accurate), using credit card purchased through trans-hand about collection 610 Yuan (is not containing tax), domestic Amazon China price for 1078 Yuan, currently no cargo, Taobao also to in thousand Yuan around, sea washes has must advantage, but Japan Amazon usually price in 8800 Yen above, also is beauty version more deal, and day Asia currently no cargo has, while also can way with back photo (certainly domestic price also not high), I station more has netizens Sun single worth reference.
The American/Japanese/Hong Kong version differs from United States version with p-type tray, Japan version with type c and type P/L in the input tray, while the Hong Kong version without any input, were made from the Chinese Simplified, the operation is not a problem, easy to use world wide voltage. And recent fire LG ZINK PD233, Canon of all consumables and print quality, lower paper prices, paper you can choose a different size, print quality will be better, but the disadvantage is slightly larger in size, and if carried out will need to use mobile power.

Now: Canon SELPHY CP910 portable photo printer black/Bai Kexuan $74.99

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