Health natural to coconut oil not based on price recommended Oh ~Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil organic super early squeezed coconut oil, produced since Philippines of fresh coconut, natural extraction leaves oil copies, without high temperature and chemical material processing, retained has coconut of nutrition components, nutrition health, very of original ecological, so coconut smell more heavy, and through United States USDA natural organic non-GM certification, beauty Asia user General reflect this paragraph coconut oil very health, Eaten as a snack and oil is a good choice.
Coconut oil as we know can enhance the immune system, lower cholesterol, cardiovascular health, and do not contain any trans fatty acids, mainly long chain fatty acids, which can increase the body’s metabolism and energy production, and promotes thyroid function, sister paper are used in place of a snack, not only delicious but also makes you lose weight, eat it up then so can be used in cleansing, benefits. United States Amazon currently priced at $ 23.61, weighs 3 pounds, it is recommended that make up lesser the better to share the shipping of goods, excluding freight costs 150 Yuan, Xiao bian recommended is not based on price, just hope everyone can have safe and healthy food.

Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil $23.61

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