Recommend drop 3.57 dollars than the last, starting with good price Braun electric shavers, functionality comparable to the 390CC-4, but taking into account voltage problems. Old Spice is a male care brand with its 75-year history, is now affiliated with P&G g group.
Its main antiperspirant gel and body lotion, and designer products have a good reputation, the most impressive is that it has great comedy in the style of advertising, can go to the official website of onlookers. Old Spice shaving products in cooperation with Braun Braun products. This paragraph Old Spice men Shaver, and we zhiqian recommended had of Braun 390CC-4 is similar, also used Triple Action Free-Float ™ three knife one free floating type system, set flexible freely of three big trim original and one, can according to facial contour automatically adjustment, new upgrade of SensoFoil ™ Super sense geometry knife network, network hole size and shape are is according to omentum location alone design, side network hole larger and top surface network hole smaller, To capture complex while protecting skin. The Desing, LED battery indicator, e-view exclusive SmartPlug ™ enables quick 1 hour is filled with intelligent charging system, battery life of 45 minutes; on voltage problems, is not mentioned in the page, and should bring their own transformers.
Among Shaver hosts also include accessories such as charger, cleaning brush. Current United States Amazon special 50.91 dollars, click on the below Coupon, settlement, made $ 10 off discount, paid US $ 40.91; United States official website authorized by the drugstore to buy channel $58.99 price, good prices in the near future, starting with interest could be considered.

Old Spice man Male Shaver electric shaver $40.91 (Coupon required)

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