We often recommend recording a front-end device, more classic models such as the Olympus LS-14, this LS-12 Olympus voice recorder belonging to the less popular products, my friend “and God said” on the voice recorder were described in detail, users can discuss concerns such products. What’s worth buying friends “God says” recommended reasons: “this voice recorder is the Olympus of mid-tier products, I think Olympus voice recorder is the best price, best selling utility, although it looks nothing like many touch-screen fashion right now, but the basic functionality as well as some high-end feature is still very wide. 2G memory can basically be recording more than 45 hours, scheduled recording, playback speed control, repeatedly broadcast excerpts of repetition, automatic locking feature that we use in daily life, such as it must have.
But the voice recorder or directional microphone and amplifier circuits are configured, you can achieve high sound pressure 130dB SPL, stable suppression of broken sounds of loud percussion, in large volume, mix audio recording will not be distorted.

In order to let novices can also be very easy to get started, this voice recorder adds more pattern options, there are four models available for users to choose:
1, Tuner mode as Coordinator available to calibrate the pitch of the instrument;
2, fool who most people like Smart mode mode, select this mode smart adjust the recording condition of the equipment, everyone can record high quality audio, my MP3 Pro test recording, worked very well;
3, Manual mode suited ACE, you can adjust your work, novices with caution;

4, Quick mode this is nothing, is the quick start mode, the temporary “stealing” recording mode.
Of course, the very important point is the LS series tripod jacks of recorder and off-the-shelf camera tripod can be used, so we recommend that use voice recorders with tripods. Voice recorder generally has these features, but why do some voice recorder parameters are selling very expensive?
Even up to 2000, 3,000 price! It’s not hard to understand, this Olympus voice recorder low prices: firstly, it does not do much beautification in appearance, still preserved in years ago press control, LCD display is still retro, unlike under many martial arts recording pens on the market with a touch, and a variety of fancy trendy appearance. But for us true to use in their daily work, or you would like practical vintage electronics, after all, few people will spend more money to buy some better looking but with a degree of similar goods. Look in my heart the ordinary electronic products quality, the better, for example snow can’t remember bricks, very safe. “The United States Amazon priced at $ 129.36. For the voice recorder, play only a sideline, xiaobian pianke recommendation says: voice recorder, I’m sorry.

OLYMPUS LS-12 Olympus voice recorder $129.36

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