Drop $ 100.

Morning recommended of Sony/Fuji camp of Choi Division lens suit, two mirror combination features full, side to M4/3 camp of machine friends also recommended a paragraph lens, but this gold lens positioning more clear, main portrait photography, name head also not small, everyone can Baidu Xia “Olympus portrait mirror King”, AO home on this paragraph products heart degree self-evident, also consider to Olympus global UNPROFOR of advantage (needed retained shopping voucher), this gold lens sea washes value more big. Portrait photography, whether it is technical or equipment requirements are relatively harsh, equipment, Aperture to control depth of field, suitable focal guarantee visual perception, rational collocation of the works can be natural or convey the intention of the photographer, the M.ZUIKO ED 75mm
75mm F1.8 lens (equivalent to 150mm) fixed-focus, pairing F1.8 super-large aperture, lens surfaces have anti-reflective coating on ZERO, under backlighting conditions can prevent the fuzzy ghosting and flare, very suitable for portrait, stage and Interior photography.

By 9 groups of 10 lenses of the camera constitutes and contains 3 ED lenses and 2 HR, maximum magnification 0.10x (equivalent to 0.20x), MSC the structure to realize high speed silent focusing, in addition to the Olympus eye-catching against dust and spatter technology, better to extend the life of the camera, the minimum focus distance 0.84m, size 64*69mm weight, 305g, equipped with front and rear lens caps. United States Amazon currently this paragraph lens specials to 799 dollars, TRANS-hand about Yuan 5140 Yuan, also ADORAMA with paragraph lens price is 799 dollars, certainly, ADORAMA itself is main photography equipment of, related products select more, has other needs of also can in ADORAMA start, also sea washes friendly; domestic Beijing East price 7199 Yuan, Japan Amazon price 88564 yen, TRANS-hand about Yuan 5600 Yuan
; A PO purchase quotations of more than 6300, the sea washes the obvious advantages. What’s interesting is, United States right out of the box with the camera above the Amazon version priced at 839.77 dollars, and ADORAMA the second-hand Edition priced at US $ 799.

OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO ED 75mm F1.8 M4/3 camera portrait lens (dust anti-drip, global warranty) $799

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