Electric toothbrush oral cleaning new era, Oral-B Ou Le-b electric toothbrush, Word of mouth is good, starting with don’t know friends have to take notice of the value of regular care and maintenance, dentists suggest replace the brush head for three months. The Deep Sweep to deep clean the brush head is Braun Braun collaboration; unique brush designs, giving you better brushing experience, than an ordinary toothbrush with twice times the cleaning power, especially on the gums clean. Applicable include Floss Action electric toothbrush series ™ Pro White ™, Precision Clean ™ Sensitive Gum Care ™ Dual Clean ™; does not apply include Vitality Sonic ™ series, Sonic Complete ™, Pulsonic ™, CrossAction Power ™.
We have to keep an eye on your toothbrush works well. Current United States Amazon the 3 sticks $19.99 discounts, click on the page below the Coupon clearing State entitled to $3 offer, paid $16.99, approximately 110 CNY; lighter, suggest that you get back; drugstore with the out-of-Pocket price for $19.99

Oral-B Deep Sweep-b electric toothbrush replacement brush heads 3 Pack $16.99 (Coupon required)

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