For everyone to review the parents of that era classic, totally not recommended based on price, look at the value “new0366” recommended reasons: “this model for BEM6Q002W men s Oriental double lion-table for the retro styles, 21 stone built into the automatic mechanical movement, day, date, dual display; China receiving accreditation from the 80 ‘s, has been produced; can be described as classic. (80 ‘s called the double Lion King when Samsung, that’s the man thing ~), although it is now also in production, but sold much less than before. But this is the stepping stone of fathers brings sentimental memories, coming to MOM and Dad for father’s day is really inexpensive, intimate.
This form is for couples, ladies numbered BNQ1X001W, prices the same. PS: concerns for a long time, I am on mother’s day the ladies already blow your, friends recommend to values when you wanted a discount. But the estimated profits left, there is year round discounts-free status, men from the beginning until father’s day, has always been the price. Helpless, then blow your are recommended.
“If they feel White Dial is relatively common, you can also opt for more unusual black dial, the price is $ 55.99, CT transit costs about RMB 430, male models are BEM6Q002K, female models is BNQ1X003B, the same automatic mechanical movements involved are 21 stone; a PO purchase does not, also easy to get. These models are sold by third party merchants JustCalculators, nearly 4,000 evaluation, overall grade 4.8, more reliable, and buy one that is free United States shipping in the territory, intends to give seniors a gift may wish to consider, some feelings that time can’t take it with you.

ORIENT Oriental double lion Tri Star “double lion Gold Star” uniformity of the classical mechanical watches for men and women $55.99 (about 430 CNY)

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