Friends didnt get attention before ~Panasonic Panasonic’s flagship electric shaver Panasonic LAMDASH ES-LA93-K times, second only to the ES-LV81-K flagship model. Elegant black body is more beautiful, arched blink Feng snap “blink front” 4 blades, cutter head with 30 gold cutting sharp corners in craft, floating around 20 degrees, floating back and forth 25 degrees can be tight fitting skin, without leaving any gaps, so as to achieve the best shaving results. Knife within the network, the outside cutter head made of Japan refined stainless steel “gang”. Ultra high speed Maglev double-motor driving a staggering 14000 RPM. Wet or dry, body wash, automatic cleaning, acoustic cleaning + comes standard with an automatic charging cradle. Tact switch, locking features, pop-up wide edge trim (trim hair, sideburns). LCD screen, 10 flea can be realized, using time functions. One-hour charge can be used for 14 days (1 times a day, for about 3 minutes each). Sleek t-frame, dimensions 164*68*55mm, 800g, universal voltage (100-240V), Japan originating. WES035P automatic acoustic cleaning and charging cradle if they shave more often, extra automatic acoustic cleaning/charging cradle is very practical, able to guarantee the health, improve the efficiency of shaving cutter head and hold a charge at all times sufficient. Long grass classmates can also refer to the “blown by the wind” exposure.

Panasonic Panasonic ES-LA93-K electric shaver (flagship, 14000rpm, dual motor four-cutter heads, Sonic cleaning) $153.76 (requires code) Sun

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