Black paragraph with coupon again good price, white paragraph slightly your a dozen dollars also good price ~ beauty Asia more than 500 multiple five-star praised, for tall Shang ~ this paragraph hit drama from stars of you in the also appeared had of PHILIPS Philips electric toothbrush, original of imitation diamond type diamond brush head, brush hair incremental; used Philips Sonic vibration technology patent, each points 31,000 times super high of vibrations frequency, 5mm to 5.5mm brush hair super wide pendulum site, has strong of clean capacity, can in-depth teeth clearance, and Clean corners, such as the gum line can remove excess plaque than ordinary toothbrushes 7 times times, improve the State of teeth due to tooth stains yellow and black and white restored a week, two weeks to improve gum health.
Has a clean, white, Polish, gum treatments and five kinds of sensitive brushing mode, functional and meet friends to different needs. Intelligent Chronograph, two parts, 2 minutes and 30 seconds on a break, lets you experience the best brushing your teeth to enjoy. Dual charging system, charging through a glass cup and USB travel charger, charging in two ways, worry-free use at any time; can support up to 220V voltage, connect laptop charging, problem of the transformer should not worry. A charge is available for three weeks.
A group there are two replaceable brush head. United States sale to Amazon currently black $ 174.95, color is optional. After landing the first middle of page click Clip Coupon, order minus $ 15, eventually paid $ 159.95, transfer to the hands of about 1100, this brush is usually $ 189 in price, as a premium, prices less frequently.

As a limited edition, hand price lower than the normal version, need is to start. Placed in the glass can be charged:

PHILIPS HX9352/04 DiamondClean white diamonds-type Sonic vibrating toothbrush (USB charging, charging Cup) $159.95 (requires Coupon)

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