Trim, and styling, and shaved must multifunction Shaver again specials ~QS6140 is Philips produced of styling Shaver, first and last double head dual-use design, applies Yu shaved must, and trim, and styling, top Department of main Shaver except qualified daily of shaved must work outside, also can in 0.5mm to 10MM Zhijian set 12 species different precision, tail of trim apparatus has 32mm and 15mm two species length can selected, meet you of details needs.
Body wash, built-in lithium battery once full of offers 50-minute episodes, 100~240V worldwide voltage, used internally. United States Amazon currently offers $ 45.95, click on a price below the “Clip Coupon” button to get $ 10 discount (if you don’t see the button, then the login account), up to the last step price will automatically be changed to 35.95 dollars.

PHILIPS Philips QS6140 Shaver (shaving, trimming, model) $35.99 ($45.99-$10)

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