Several rare tri-color is in stock now, and is the standard attire, not the environmental load, give away for personal use can be, different colors, different model, relatively rare red version. The midrange, less than $ 30 electric toothbrushes use enough ~ but friends need to be aware of the first Philips electric toothbrushes and brush of their home prices are not low, starting with several brush head, you can bring back for the first time.

UNPROFOR, loved designer products of Philips global warranty 2 years, pay attention to keep shopping bills.
This series consists of HX5620/20, HX5630/50, HX5610/30 all three models, the difference is color, midrange models belonging to the sonic toothbrush product lines up to 31,000 Sonic vibrations per minute, and in line with the current Act on the teeth and gums to reach ordinary toothbrushes areas difficult to reach, to achieve a full range of cleaning. Make tea, coffee or cigarette spots on the teeth to slowly disappear.
With a smart tip to help you reach the 2-minute brushing time, also equipped with travel bag and wireless charger, very convenient to use.
Based on user feedback, the voltage for worldwide voltage, domestic can be used normally. United States Amazon list price US $ 39.95, free $ 10 Coupon, get price of $ 29.95, how can also have the value Sun, Oh!

PHILIPS Rechargeable sonic toothbrush Essence 5600 series three color optional $29.95 (Coupon required, Sun)

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