Clean barrel, function and 1290X are almost identical Shouman always have none, the replenishment in less than 3 hours, not in Italy can continue to clean barrel these barrels, but there is no barrel price is $ 129.95. 12XX series Philips called “by far the most advanced shaving system,” this series 1250X electric shaver PHILIPS Norelco Philips Zhen feng, current flagship-level for Philips Shaver, cutter head parts use the GyroFlex 3D smart fit system, three moving parts can be a smart fit facial.
Ultra Track Ultra cover segment, covering more than 50% of the skin surface; three-ring knife nets double blade, beard made the effect well. Aquatec technology double shaving can be wet and dry. SkinGlide, smooth shaving system that guarantees a good shave.
Built-in lithium battery provides up to 50 minutes of battery life; three-stage battery indicator, comes with cleaning buckets and bags.

Compared to zhiqian recommended of 1290X, by used of technology and knife head almost completely consistent (knife head are for RQ12), few of difference is endurance time reduced has 10 minutes, and using three paragraph type power displayed (1290X for 5 paragraph), also 1290X shell using zinc alloy material feel and perception better, has automatically travel lock features (1250X also has travel lock, but needs manually lock). United States Amazon is priced at $169.95, no stock, but under lock, click on a price below the “Clip Coupon” button has the $50 coupon (if you don’t see the button, login accounts).

PHILIPS series 1250X electric shaver Philips Norelco Zhen Feng suits (flagship, with clean barrel) $119.95 (Coupon required)

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