Polar Bo can of this paragraph FT4 heart rate table, resin material, features simple, very for only based on heart rate of basics can keep simple fitness training of people, this paragraph heart rate table can based on age automatically set target heart rate, HeartTouch heart touch type from by features, without button for heart rate table operation, and to image displayed target of heart rate, according to heart rate can displayed is improved of health situation, and burning of calories, records features and training archives, except monitoring training, Also can be used as home watch, backlight, you can display two time zones, with alarm clock and sleep function, a key lock to prevent misoperation. 30 m waterproof, although it is battery powered, but user battery replacement is simple. A little inconvenient is that shows only English, Portugal and so on, does not support Chinese display.

United States Amazon silver price at $ 62.66, green and slightly more expensive at $ 63.07, in accordance with the shipping weight of 1 pound, through the transfer of about RMB 450 Yuan, relative domestic prices of mark 800-900, is very appropriate.



Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor heart rate monitor $62.66

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