Low price and users Sun AO ~ as smart devices are toward the big screen and the light polarization of development, wearable smart devices became the new darling of the industry, smart bracelet as the more mature products, each has resorted to its representative. Faced with so many consumers not dizzy, just select Jawbone UP2, Fitbit Flex or are NIKE Fuelband? May wish to put vision steering this paragraph Polar loop smart hand ring, as Finland famous of movement wrist table brand Polar Bo can, October 2013 sale of this paragraph Polar loop smart hand ring, appearance similar Fuelband, but is is senior has many: can real-time measurement heart rate (needs tie Bluetooth heart rate with, another purchased), and movement situation, and calories consumption wait, and through wrist with Shang of LED display real-time feedback specific numerical, if sat of too long, Wristband will alert you to activity. Can track the quality of sleep. Supports Bluetooth connection iPhone or PC, among similar products only with 20 m waterproof function (as opposed to watch 20 m waterproof), according to the official website and foreign media measurement can wear swim, so that the utility is greatly increased. Battery life, provide a battery life of up to 5 days in the same product is good. Reliable quality, users react to it there is a similar concentration of UP quality problems.


Worth a mention of is, Polar loop of smart not only reflected in on body situation of detection and records aspects, more can thoughtful of combines user itself of body situation, to out reasonable of movement recommends, like to out “walking 50 minutes or slow ran 20 minutes” of movement recommends, like private fitness coach General, completed target Shi, also has award rendering Yo (is Fireworks pattern animation’s ~ Super 囧).


United States Amazon’s current price again for $ 73.99, lower than low prices, shipping weight is very light can easily get back to, using a credit card through the transit company to purchase the equivalent to about 590 Yuan (not including tariffs), compared to about 900 Yuan for purchasing affordable domestic Taobao. Specific purchase methods may refer to this sea washes the Raiders.


More wearable smart devices for the latest information, please move the exhibition worth buying CES2014: wearable device article, please continue to pay attention to what is worth buying, bringing you more wearable smart device worth buying offers.

Polar loop Bo smart wristbands (heart rate, Bluetooth, LED screen, waterproof, 5 days battery life) $73.99

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