Small drop to $ 3. ASICS yaseshi Gel-Oracle men’s running shoe, using marks an I.G.S ® system was a high-end ASICs running shoe series. Forefoot built-in high-impact cushioning Gel cushioning rubber, heels with Heel Clutching System reinforcement system, played with coating and stability. Ankle included intelligent foam P.H.F memory, may be based upon individual foot type Adaptive into the right shape, reducing the gap to improve comfort. ComforDry insole has excellent moisture wicking, quick-drying well, keeping shoes clean, comfortable and soft to the touch. SOLYTE ultralight wears lighter at the end of it. Super wear-resistant rubber outsole for AHAR, have 3 times the wear resistance. Guidance Line of gravity control is used in guide lines and improve running efficiency.
Yaseshi judging by the shoe and the above parameters should be stable series. United States Amazon specials now $ 51.83, size stock are relatively complete. Amazon’s proprietary, shipping weight about 2 lbs, transferring about $ 400. Domestic purchase prices at around 600 +, but need careful screening. Hai Tao regardless of price and quality of goods with certain advantages, it is necessary to buy friends, can be measured taking into account.

Price: ASICS GEL-Oracle men stability running shoes $51.83 (about 400 CNY)

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