Small drop to $ 0.14.
This paragraph Braun Braun IRT3020US ear temperature gun, 1 seconds can read out temperature, for sick Shi cry downtown move of kids, temperature ended has tips sound, and hot model IRT4520 as used human engineering outside type, holding holding comfort; Flexible tip soft elastic probes, especially for infant soft of ear road; used 3V buttons lithium battery, can read 10,000 times temperature; comes with 21 a ear sets. Compared with IRT4520 8 memory function of temperature, IRT3020 only supports 1 temperature reading while IRT4520 probes automatically to heat up more accurate and prompt placement accuracy and covers replacement reminder; and the coin-cell battery, compared to AA batteries is not so common, but it is easy to buy.
Functional requirements is not so high, can be considered.

Current United States Amazon Specials $25.10 Amazon import good prices in the near future. Shipping weight and lighter, I put them back could be considered. AIU customer evaluation 3 and a half stars, users reflect the advantages are rapid, accurate readings, small, lightweight, easy to operate, the forehead is more convenient. Drawback is that the screens without backlighting, not convenient for night use; tone a little whisper; individual users reflect a margin of error. Taobao shopping service spreads, people buy careful screening.

Price: Braun ear thermometer reading IRT3020US 1 second $25.10

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