Handheld smart equipment industry changing, and main business of two bit traditional industry giant Palm with BlackBerry as the pair trouble brothers as struggling support, Palm early to Warrior broken wrist gave up has WebOS, and BlackBerry of BB10 is is as Phoenix yet Nirvana kopan like still in struggling support, with period of Windows Phone finally like one grew up of children meet adult ceremony version to ushered in has 8.1 this relative mature of version.
BB10 ‘s future remains as long as the night is filled with unknowns.
Q10 is a BlackBerry Mobile smart devices once in the age of exploration, location continues to put emphasis on business but gave in to market a lot, maintained a proud full keyboard feature, runs Qualcomm 1.5GHz processor +2G RAM, 3.1-inch fuselage 720*720 resolution, 16GB store, 800W+200W camera, run the BB10 good fluency. United States Amazon currently priced at $ 248.9 recent low prices, equivalent to around 1640, the price is relatively good. Note it is only compatible with GSM/WCDMA (3G)/FDD-LTE (4G) network, CDMA is unfortunately absent. But whether it wants to buy back their own use (currently running virtual machines APK is mature), or just want to remember lost BB good, the price is worth it with the price.

Q10 Smartphone unlocked BlackBerry BlackBerry version $248.9

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