With nearly 80-year history of Ray ·

Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses that are famous brands, as one of the standard Hollywood movie stars, rock stars, United States part of the culture, Ray-Ban sunglasses is a timeless classic.

Since 1937, Ray-ban for United States air force pilots when the classic Aviator pilot, Ray-ban is famous for. Fine Ray-Ban sunglasses, eyeglasses and no any deviation, wear will not cause eye-strain, headaches and fatigue.

The sunglasses, classic style, simple and handsome neutral style, more suitable for men wearing green lenses, UV 100% UV400, metal frames; lenses wide 59mm, nose width 16mm mm, mirror leg length 140mm, but without the polarizing, needs increased attention from polarized lenses.
Origin of Italy or China, AIU comments users have mentioned is Italy.

Current United States cheap $75 Amazon green lenses, transfer of about $ 540, third party sellers by a franchise spectacles sold more than 7,000 evaluated scores 4.8, is still relatively good, mind, take caution. Men and women can wear

Ray·Ban 0RB3477 pilot Aviator series sunglasses

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