Red Wing is a centuries-old history of United States outdoor work boots brand, known as RW, which combines looks and practicality, is a cowboy, forest Hunter, rider’s preferred brand. Waves of street sense and comfort it almost made us all year round. Irish Setter dog standard was introduced RW1952 series, were welcomed by the general public once listed.
Although still see RW logo on the tongue, but in fact Irish Setter has become an independent brand, an independent website. This Irish Setter dog sign Aluminum Toe men’s work boots look tough guy flavor is relatively strong, the tongue can see RW unique Irish Setter dog. Upper waterproof full grain cowhide, harsh environments and don’t worry about it. Goodyear Goodyear stitched by hand techniques, alignment of neat, meticulous, shoes is durable and quality outstanding. Texon ® cushion insole mix double shock absorbing EVA midsole, better suspension performance and walking comfort. Irish setter patented three-layer composite outsole abrasion resistant rubber, bring good walking experience.
Shoes once forming the bed makes it through the post-fit, penetrating moments baptism, weathered kept mounting. United States Amazon at this special price $ 111, orders using the father’s day discount code “DADSHO14” later paid $ 89.14, single Stud shoe weight 900g, shipping weight about 3 pounds

Red Wing Irish Setter dog sign Aluminum Toe Red Wing men’s work boots $89.14 (requires code)

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