Suo Kangni is one of the world’s top four running shoes brand, has been more than 100 years of history, in the United States of running shoes “Rolls Royce” of reputation.
Its core technology, “ProGrid” suspension systems, can provide excellent cushioning and stability, while taking into account the protection of campaigners. This Omni 12 HydraMAX ™ Collar Lining upgrades of high-density lining materials, maximize energy efficiency and rapidly drain away moisture within the shoe, keeping feet dry and comfortable. ComforLite Sockliner breathable full grain leather insole, antibacterial and odor-resistant, and provide good cushioning performance. Arch-Lock arches surround system, can provide a stable support, and the perfect coating. Full-size ProwerGrid is saucony by the end of the latest generation vibration reduction technology, with excellent impact resistance and vibration reduction performance. Mixed SSL EVA dual density EVA midsole, is located in the bottom middle, resilience, better stability and lighter weight. SRC (Super Rebound Compound) in super elastic end of Palm, higher than normal EVA midsole provides 15% 10% higher flexibility and durability. Outsole with IBR+ patent XT-900 carbon rubber lightweight material and wear-resistant material.
Greater comfort during exercise. United States Amazon teal currently quoting $ 85.81, RUNSHO14 using a sneaker of 80 percent or, the actual price of $ 68.65, Amazon’s proprietary new low price. Current width and size compared with the whole, but some of the volume has not much of shoe sizes, through the transfer of about 510 million. Official website for $ 90, the domestic price at around 1000+, the sea washes the advantage is quite obvious, the specific purchase methods may refer to this sea washes the Raiders. What is worth buying before enthusiastic Netizen “Thorsten” cautioned: “first of all, shoes are not the top, the better, you also need to consider other factors: 1, their own physical condition, arches, knees and so on; 2, weight; 3, sporting; 4, running the distance. Many people actually underweight is more suitable for the top level. ”

Saucony Suo Kangni Omni 12 top male supporting running shoes $68.65 (requires code)

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