Saucony Suo Kangni Ride 6 is Shang generation times flagship level sustained earthquake Department running shoes, Ride 6 first used has PowerGrid as which end of of sustained earthquake technology, phase more 5 generation used of ProGrid, weight reduced has 15%, wear and shock of performance increased has 30%, insoles is foot Department and shoes Zhijian run-in of important factors, Ride 5 using of is insoles is by other supplier provides of, but Ride 6 is by Saucony Suo Kangni designed ComfortLite soles, Arch and heel are good enough, supported by specialized offers flexible forefoot grooves, make the shoe more soft and flexible. Each shoe only 280g, and can be regarded as among the most lightweight cushioning shoe on the market today.
Other aspects with the same Ride 5, HydraMAX upgrades of high-density lining material, 3 times times the shock absorption outsole resulted in IBR+ patent XT-900 carbon rubber lightweight material and wear-resistant material, hand height difference before and after 8mm. United States Amazon the Red discounted to $ 43.34, d size comparison is complete, the recent lows.

Saucony Suo Kangni Ride 6 men’s top cushioning running shoes $43.34

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