Suitable for bedding men, good mattress needs good protection; suitable for house dust mite-proof required, but don’t have time to frequent drying sheets crowd; for homes have the mischievous babies, disruption of the family love in bed. On non-hypocritical high product, domestic-type mattress pad protector, are interested can go to learn.
Person’s life one-third time spent in bed, on the importance of good sleep, it goes without saying that many have known habits of the bed, is dependent on the bedding.
Quality bedding and sleeping environment can enhance their quality of life to a certain extent.
This paragraph mattress protection sets, H2PRO and ALLEGEN film material, its aperture size only can through air molecular, effective to will liquid, and virus, and bacteria, and dust mite, and pollen particle, isolation out, reached waterproof, and anti-sensitivity, and anti-dust mite of role, while breathable comfort; overlay anti-sensitivity of hair circle cotton layer, absorption moisture keep mattress of dry health, and can in must degree Shang improved mattress of comfort degrees.
Twin Size mattress size: 188cm*99cm.
Nearly 1500 United States Amazon user rating 4 star, response comfort ventilation not stuffy, and the waterproofing effect is very good, but still need to be processed quickly spilled liquids, after all, it is not a waterproof membrane. Current United States Amazon this double size, special $23.99, transit of about RMB 260; sold by third party sellers specializing in bedding, 10,005 ratings, scoring 4.9, or is more reliable.

Sleep Tite Mattress Protector twin mattress protector (waterproof/sensitive/dust mite-proof) $23.99

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