Environmental loaded COUPON reproduction, good price continues to ~790cc is Braun of flagship model Shaver, three knife head can four to full floating, veneer induction positioning precision, each minutes 10,000 times vibrations shaved must, patent ActiveLift ™ technology as hand Department natural of upper and lower linear movement, capture and trim clings skin of shall issue, emerged unscathed not left-the conquered hard shaved parts, patent momentum comb, three level shaved must system, precision Shu sliding blade, new OptiFoilTM omentum, Super sense geometry omentum, Longer be trimmer, Clean&Renew System automatically clean the charging cradle 5-minute quick charge, body wash, with their boxes, 100-240V worldwide voltage.
Sun can refer to my friends a lot. United States Amazon current environmental load price $ 170.99 click on coupon to reduce the $ 40 order paid $ 130.99. By forwarding companies hold about 900 Yuan, the specials again, not get before, the opportunity then to colorful shell is already rising prices to $ 195, don’t mind packaging could only be considered to start. Specific purchase methods may refer to this sea washes the Raiders.

Specials: BRAUN Series 7-790cc flagship electric shavers (Green Pack) $130.99 (requires coupon)

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