Dell Xps deals Spike, rotate the screen record lows. Dell XPS series (as Dell’s sales strategy change now transform into a business of high-end XPS machines), deformation of this XPS12 12 inch Ultra is a typical high-end business computers. Processor i5-3337U is the generation of low-voltage processor, 4G memory can handle most of the work needs 128GB solid-state hard drive speed, safety, capacity, three indicators could be weighing the good, 12-inch flip screen easy to carry and 1080P full HD touch is also a very convenient and practical, for wear-resistant Gorilla glass touchscreen upgrade more practical.
As a Variant, to rotate screen frame design is also very practical, rotating touch-screen combination WIN8 system is best, as the low voltage low power Ultra is equipped with a 6-cell battery is significantly enhanced with time. United States Amazon z-spike special price to $ 599.99). But you need to note that XPS is positioned on a business laptop.

Super XPS12 5328CRBFB 12-inch DELL Dell deformation (i5, 4G, 128G, SSD, 1080P, Gorilla glass) $599.99

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