Only than refurbished version your 20 dollars, so this cargo Rob have also fast, last recommended Hou a days within on no cargo has, and this is not small, full new not worried defects problem, compared to price high of new DC59, this paragraph DC35 household also enough, price more affordable, DC35 is Dyson Dyson of handheld type Wireless suck dust players, using has Dyson Dyson advanced technology, in guarantee lightweight portable of while suction is similar products of twice times, and official claimed suction never attenuation, for clean wood floor, and Floor tile and carpet. Root Cyclone cone cyclone technology without dustbag, means that it is 0 cost, powerful centrifugal forces out of dust, suction power never diminished. Motor using digital technology, speed up to 104,000 times per minute, five times faster than F1 racing engine. Carbon fiber brush, reducing static electricity during vacuuming to ensure excellent cleaning effect. Built-in lithium battery, full 3 hour, offers 15 minutes of continuous vacuum electric power, many people feel too short not enough time actually in use is usually suction stops, 15 minutes can be used for a long time, ordinary families were fully covered.
DC35 and DC44 contrasts Sun here, and this article is not bad, from Sun-partial voltage is universal voltage. United States Amazon new specials at present to $ 199.99, full version without having to worry about the defect problem, this price is only five during record low prices of less than US $ 3, you might consider starting, shipments weighing about 11 pounds, also valuable feedback UPS weight is 9.9 pounds.

The new replenishment: Dyson DC35 handheld vacuum cleaner brand new version $199.99

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