TIMEX time was United States famous watchmaking companies, its model is noted for its excellent design, the price is close to the people, even many are United States style worn by the President.
Days when us Triathlon watches is excellent value for money by the sports fan’s favorite.

The TIMEX time sports watches, designed primarily for the running of the demand simple, functional and practical, simple operation capable of displaying running speed, distance and calories consumed (caloric); timer function more efficiently can also help you calculate per mile average.
TIMEX INDIGLO night light lamp features a patent; GPS chip SiRF starIV, performance is better than most with Sirf III GPS watch, quick, precise positioning; battery supports up to 8 hours of GPS features; capable of storing 30 group training information, a total of 20 hours of data; 5 Customizing alarm clock that can be set; waterproof 50m. The current United States Amazon the two colours, black $72.26 discounts, cheap $72.86 rose.

TIMEX Ironman when beautiful days Easy Trainer T5K753F5 GPS sports watch, two colours $72.26 (about 520 CNY)

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