More small drop last time, you need to purchase large capacity memory card into. 4K HD images become more and more popular and prevalent today, a stable, high-speed and large-capacity memory card HD images each photographer’s must-have accessories.
Manufacturers may wish to look at this from the storage products Transcend the big ideas of SDXC memory cards, capacity up to 128G HD photography 4K images of the future are even capable of 600x speed UHS-1 spec above Class 10 transfer speeds up to 4 times more than double the maximum 90MB/s, committed to using MLC Flash particle is stable and durable, and don’t have to worry about the security of your data. United States Amazon is priced at US $ 83.5 historically low prices, than the last little drop 5 bucks. For a 128GB memory card 600x, the price is really good. Shipping weight is very light for I put them back. A consistent, high-speed memory cards enable you to shoot even more powerful, especially if you have lots of HD storage requirements demand for HD video shooting, this might be good for you, before you buy make sure you support the SDXC standard.

Transcend 128GB UHS SDXC memory cards (600x) $83.5

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