TUMI the Messenger bags, start out by many friends, Army Green, anthracite specials, rated very good. Interested in it, go check out the Sun. Business launched TUMI computer bag, is usually solid black, with display of brand LOGO in red. This is mini size Messenger bags, usually less common. Material, your whole body using ballistic nylon, waterproof and wear-resistant. Large bags, private locations for Pad and mobile phones. Dimensions are 29.21x25cm, looked fit Pad size products.
Separating sound, volume is also good, placing IPAD+NOTE8+VENUE 8PRO no pressure. “Viggo1984” feedback: “Super perfect fit all the requirements for my carry-on bag! Packet size sets suction and magnets and various pockets are just right. Before I was a bit concerned about security. But for a while, found it all right. Don’t get it backwards. Suction size magnets. Suction is strong, open and not too hard. There’s a zippered internal pocket. If there’s a hell of a thing in the bag I just wonder why. “The United States Amazon currently Army Green special price $ 145, about 990; other carbon black $ 146.25 TUMI United States official website this military green and white, special price $ 145, you can go to the official website.

TUMI Alpha Bravo Beale mini Messenger bags $145

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