Update: the Tumi Alpha Center Flip ID Passcase wallet is also on sale in the Alpha series, nylon and leather match, tired leather wallet you can look at this one, contains 2 bills, 13 cards, 4 pockets and an ID photo, 9.85cm*11.43cm*1.9cm, grandfather Mao does not outcrop, the current specials to $ 64.9, about 470 Yuan. Political and business dignitaries using the TUMI brand has been recommended several times, its quality and workmanship are legendary. Today recommended the Quantum series wallets TUMI positioned in the mid-range, 100% material of leather, embossed handle more wear-resistant, 8 slots, 2 notes, you can make the store more structured. Because it is a Global version of RMB does not outcrop. United States Amazon currently offers $ 75.5, 50 percent of the original sale, Amazon self, if you get one at least 100 bits also use 80 percent (DAD20CLT).

Tumi Quantum Global male Double Billfold wallet $79 (century 80 percent)

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