That car on the big screen Monster Godzilla has begun, this side of small little monsters on the screen of the alien series usher welfare a good price. “In space, no one can hear you scream. “I consider dialogue, from the 1979 movie alien logo of 1.
Classics on this series seems to be needless to say, say it ushered in a new era of science-fiction horror film are not exaggerated, film for multiple rendering of the Visual terror and psychological terror, greatly satisfied global enthusiasts of the adrenal gland with nerve, its shaped like Devil’s ghostly images of monsters, has become a nightmare for many people deeply. Original four Department song respectively by different of Director directed, at are is industry silence silence no smell of new, future for decades years is growth for cinema most with ruled force of several bigshots level Director, as leideli·sikaote Gladiator, James Cameron o where up, David Fincher fight Club, let-piaier·renei Angel suffered, can said shaped series of success is by no means accidentally.
In June 2012, the Prometheus released as a prequel to the alien series, assembled a movie all stars big shot, the Director is to guide the alien early generations of leideli·sikaote, seems to back away and rebirth, continued the series of incense. United States Amazon gold box specials $ 19.99 contains alien: complete works (6 disc) and Blu-ray discs of the Prometheus (two-disc), a total of 8 dishes filled with luxury fittings. Compared to the domestic edition Blu-ray are frequently higher than this price, you can buy 8-disc alien suit, series fans may be sold. Need to be aware of is that us non-Prime members US $ 35 or postage, film subtitles do not support Chinese, including alien tetralogy, supports region-wide, Prometheus for the lock 1, of course, such a thing is not beat everything in the domestic fans.

Weekend Theater: alien: four song + the Prometheus Blu-ray collection (8 dishes), $19.99 (about 180 CNY)

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