When finger touch to our sense of fun becoming dull, advantages of stylus also attracted us. Adonit capacitive stylus is one of quality, founded in 2010, won several design awards. Instead of on Taobao bought Mobile Shell Gift Oh. Official website here. Precision Disc exposure to technology, can make you more clearly see the notes, improve efficiency and accuracy of handwriting input and incorporate design of ball point ball point, 40 degrees angle of writing, writing experiences similar to the traditional ball-point pen, smoother; electroplating of aluminum alloy material, texture, and set a non-slip rubber hand, built-in magnet adsorption on ipad2/3/4 at any time, will not go on scrolling or missing.
Sun square Sun single, are interested can go take a look at. “Mia is enough,” says: “this pen last year helped a friend bought a red and black (three colors, the cheapest) price of 180 soft currency. Feeling very feel, accuracy is very good, my friend is where a painting professional in love with very comfortable. Then another friend who wanted to buy the black, but the price is slightly higher, call me staring, one eye is half a year has passed. Meyer suddenly fell 12.47 DAO in the results today, get back 90-100 about rhythm, domestic authentic at least 180 started. “The current United States Amazon metal Lite, special price to $ 12.47, CA 78 Yuan, light weight, suggest that you get back; Adonit website go to Taobao shop price of 180 dollars, the sea washes the price advantage.

Work item: Adonit Jot genius Pro series extremely precise handwriting stylus $12.47, print,

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