Update: small series and went out and found that this model is supported by little Apple series compared to the force, Android supports only a few, specific screenshots, see below, we buy it, as appropriate. Each self-love sister paper had not encountered such problems: finding the best camera angles, but arms are not long enough could not press the shutter and no way to capture some of the most beautiful moments. 45 degrees to the sky at this time also fizzled out. But machines (Wu), wisdom (Liao), the America people play their own astute (zhen) tomorrow (Shi) (Wu), wisdom (Liao), specifically developed a standard Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung wireless Bluetooth remote control. This looks very cute on the surface, similar to the pendant, fact, also can be used as ornaments. Sphere there is a button at the top, find the best angle when taking photos, press the button connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so as to realize the shutter function. Built-in coin battery, can work continuously for 5 years, no subsequent replacement.
Note in relation to other things, Android version 4.2.2 or supported. United States Amazon at present cikuan pink on sale $ 14.95 price in the near future, Pink is also very good for girls. Light weight get back could be considered. Besides GroupOn sells for $ 13.99, beautiful Asian low price, but not as good as the United States and Asia to buy, like you can also take a look at. However, Taobao also has many of the magical 100 Bluetooth camera, don’t like to toss the 尅 Tao Tao look ~

Work item: AudioVox SHB301PK shutter self-timer Selfie Bluetooth remote control $14.95

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