Skincare recommendations get. Burt’s Bees is from United States of pure natural brand, claims “skin can eat of maintenance products”, its most of raw materials are is based Yu nature, through technology separation, and purification by made to material, while cleverly of using fine oil, some products even than doctor of prescription drug also more effective, after mouth, in not how playing advertising of situation Xia, development for visibility is high of brand. This Burt’s bees care Kit contains milk, honey and herb hand cream lotion 25ml, 8.5G, 20ml, foot repair cream lip balm 4.25G, Chamomile facial cleanser 20G total 5, baby body care travel pack also is convenient to carry. United States Amazon now discounts to $ 7.88 after S&S $ 7.59.

Work item: Burt’s Bees body care set of 5 $7.99 (S&S)

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